Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today I will talk about our subject is ACADEMIC COMMUNICATION. This subject is good for us we learnt many things like how to do the work in computer. For example our teacher shows us many websites like Prezi, blogger, and how to do survey. I like these websites because it makes your work easy but you must learn before we use the website really it’s very interesting thing and I advise people to use these website.

Prezi 1 (class mates)

First, I will talk about MOTO that I do it. My Moto is talking about my friend Abdurrahman, he is 20 years old and he lives in Dubai. He talks also about his favorite hobby and his specific life like about his family he has 4 brothers and 3 sisters. My friend is funny friend all the time and he like to be happy every time and he played on his laptop and watching movies all the time.

Prezi 2 (save water)

Second, I will talk about Prezi and the first prezi I did it and to know how we protect our self from using the water too much. My prezi was about Save Water Save Life. It is good program and how to use this site in right way by making show it is same like power point but in different way and so clearful and my prezi s telling people to reduce for using the water in the future life and how to protect this idea .

Blog 1 & 2

Third thing that I will talk about it is Blogger. This is a good website because you can write what is in your mind and people can share their comments on your page. I got an experience from this website by putting a new post in my page. The first post is talking about how we use the prezi and what you have learn about this website and it says about what is the difference between prezi and power point . Also the second blog also is talking about prezi and the programmers that I learn it from our teacher Mr. Vance.

My Survey (sports)

Finally I will talk about my survey. My survey is talking about sports. The reason of my survey is to know how many cadets like to do sport and which sport do they like and with who they want to play and the benefits about sports , also the reason of people who do sport.

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